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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 New Year, New Resolutions....

They are on every one's minds this time of year.  Pondering over how we spent the last year and what we want to change in the next.  Ayla has had a pretty great year health wise, she only had 1 hospital stay due to a blockage in Jan 2010.  Other than that no Pseudo cultures or IV anti-biotics, for a CF'er that's something to celebrate!!

And her liver condition (Billiary Attresia) hasn't reared it's head either..she has continued to thrive from her corrective surgery almost 4 years ago.  Labs continue to improve and weight is being gained at a wonderful rate! She is now 34.5 lbs!! I can remember her being 9 lbs at three months and never imagining she would be so healthy...Her butt is even starting to pooch-out more and there has been some cottage cheese spotted on those legs!!

We are beyond grateful to God for the miracle and blessing she is!!

As far as our family is concerned 2010 will always be thought of with some sadness, after loosing a child to a miss-carriage in May of this year.  But a lot has happened and I have come to terms with that.  We know we will meet that child in heaven some day.  We are hoping we will be blessed again with another child, and are waiting on God's timing.

Our business has thrived this year and expanded, in a time when success is hard to measure.  My husband has worked so very hard to provide for us and to allow me to stay home-we are so blessed this is an option for us!

As far as Goals for 2011 are concerned, I have a few:

- I want to be more organized in our home and business (this is on every one's list I'm sure!)
- I want to start scrap booking, I realized I have all of my beautiful photos on the computer and no-where else!
- I'll just throw the exercise one in here for kicks, since I'm hoping 2011 will bring a desire for this!
- I want to take time to read the bible more regularly (I think that's more do-able than saying I want to read it through!)

I could go on and on....But I guess the most important goal in life is to never stop improving yourself in whatever role(s) you play....Play them well....and for ME thats:  Wife, Mom, Child, Sister, Friend, Nurse, Cook, Maid, Counselor, Book-keeper, Writer and Coach!

~So Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011~


Christmas 2010....finally

So I am a little late doing this post...but oh well.  Better late than never I suppose.  Christmas this year was awesome.  Larry and I decided this year to really make this one about others and it was so much fun doing so.  I made home-made gifts for family and Ayla even painted ornaments for everyone.

Ayla had an amazing time opening gifts, this was the first year she could really get into all the presents on her own and she was so into all of it!  She was beyond blessed this year and we even had to go through her toys and get a few bags together to donate so we would have room for ALL the new ones!

It was an awesome Christmas Day, we made so many memories and were so grateful for everything.  Larry got me a NOOK Color which is awesome and he got a EVO phone-that he has still not put down!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Indoor Holiday Fun!

I've been trying to keep Ayla busy since she's had this cold.  Since we can't go and do things and she missed 2 play dates we needed some activities that she would enjoy inside.

*sorry these pics aren't great quality, they were from my phone*

Ayla is so into Christmas lights this year, we have been to this light display near our home multiple times in the last few days.  She really pays attention to Nativity scenes...this picture shows just how much!  She made a nativity scene out of her babies and stuffed animals! So very sweet!!

I picked up a few ceramic ornaments from the craft store, I figured she would like to paint some and she could make one this year instead of doing the Hallmark thing!  She LOVED it, we went back to the store the next day and got about 10 more-so we are giving them to all kinds of people.  She even made one for her pediatrician-so sweet!

The next thing we did was pick up a Gingerbread House to put together.   When we got started on it today I realized that I had forgotten how hard these are to do.  Just getting it to stand up was tough, she didn't get to help much with construction but design was all her!

We are still planning on having a Christmas baking day with my mom (Nana) so that will be fun! 
I am loving all of these Christmas Traditions we are making...

I'm getting really excited about Christmas, I have to wrap everything and finish one more of my gifts I have made this year for family.  Can't wait to get some things under the tree and looking forward to the last night of finding a new and exciting place for "John" our Elf on the Shelf, Fan or Curtain to perch each day!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Great Strides T's

Great Strides is Just around the Corner!!
Contact: Andy@advisorsmarketing.com for great deals on your Great Strides T's

Taking orders January 1, 2011

We decided to do Purple-since it's the color associated with CF, added the rose and year
Customization available/ adult and kids sizes
Most likely $20 adults $15 kids

The Hunter's Orange was my husband's idea! This is more masculine of the 2
Customization available/ adult and kids sizes
Most likely $20 adults $15 kids

I just love these!! 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ayla's Message from the North Pole!!

She didn't really react as much I thought she would.  She was very distracted and didn't think it was that interesting. Ha! She never ceases to surprise me!!

~Merry Christmas Everyone~

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Choosing to SEE" A great Read.....

Ever since Ayla's diagnosis I have been longing for a book that I could relate to.  From a source that I could trust in.  

This book is perfect for pretty much any person in any walk of life-but for me..I feel like it was written for me to read it...

For a few years now I have been struggling still to deal with the turns my life has taken, things just hadn't turned out the way I thought they should.  Why had God let these things happen to me? To my family?

This woman has had some things happen to her that I can't even fathom and somehow she remains positive.  I just finished chapters 22-28, these were the toughest to read.  I literally cried the entire time reading them.  

This book is not just about the tragic accident that happened to her family, but is also about the raw emotions and true doubts a christian can have when you don't feel protected by God.  So often people in the church paint a picture that you can't be mad at God and still be a christian.  And they even go as far as telling a person who has just been through hell on earth that "this is all part of a plan."  Even though that statement is true, and looking back now I can see that.  But in the moment you really don't care about "the plan."-when all you can feel is the PAIN!  

The author's son said something in his eulogy to his sister that really hit home with me.  He said that when your in a "mess" it's like being up close to an abstract painting by God's hand-very out of focus and you can't understand what it is....But the farther you get from the painting (or the more time that passes) the clearer the "big picture" becomes.  

That really made sense to me to describe any trauma in that way.  When I was was in the midst of 3 months of surgeries, ventilators breathing for my baby, fear of her death and sheer panic I could not see past what was in front of me.  I could not see that nearly 4 years later I would have an odd's defying, happy, healthy, energetic, smart, beautiful little girl.  I could not see how my story would affect people and how it would affect me.  

I am not even finished reading this book yet and it has affected me this much already!  I would encourage anyone who is dealing with questioning God and his plan for your life to go out and get this book.  Reading her story will remain in the fore-front of your mind long after you close the pages of her book.  


Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving has passed.....but I'm still thankful!!

This season not only brings Holiday stress but also a LOT of germs!  Many of my family and friends have been catching all kinds of bugs and my little Ayla..is going strong...praise the LORD!! 

We have even been exposed to these people and have been so blessed that she has stayed healthy!

The only complaints we are hearing from her lately are mostly about Christmas Lights- that we should have more on our house! 


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Stressors!!

It seems like this time of year everyone is trying to be full of "Holiday-Cheer" but tend to be more full of "Holiday-Stress!"

So many of my friends and family are experiencing so much worry over Christmas and all the spending that comes along with this time of year.  It's more difficult to cover your existing monthly expenses and fund your families "most" memorable Christmas ever, right?!

I know that our family is no exception to this...my husband who owns his own business (and is the sole bacon-bringer) is really feeling the crunch...His customers are dealing with the same problems and in turn don't pay their bills quite often in the month of December.  Which makes life tough this time of year.  

We have decided to scale back A LOT this year.  I am going to be making most of the gifts I give to my family and Larry and I decided we really don't need anything.  After getting a MAC last year- I'm still riding that one! Ayla's Christmas will still be great, I will just be bargain shopping more than previous years.  

Hopefully we can all find ways to enjoy this time of year and really take in all it has to offer.  It's not so much about gift giving on Dec 25th as it is about appreciating everything we already have.  I don't think it's a coincidence that God put Thanksgiving a month before Christmas- I think he wanted to give us a hint about what we should be doing this Holiday Season!

So try to put down your lists and give yourselves permission to just do what you can this year and no more!

I doubt people will mind as much as you think they will...