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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Something To Blog About"

The last few months things have been crazy!  I co-chaired our  Great Strides walk and was very busy with the planning of that.  Which we did awesome and more than tripled our total from last year!  And as exciting as all of that is. Something even more exciting has been brewing in our family.......We are going to have another baby!

After a year of trying to get pregnant it happened, and I am now 12 weeks and 2 days (yes I am past 12 weeks!) We have been keeping it hush-hush, basically not posting it on blogger or facebook.  And we all know if it's not on facebook it's not official yet (lol).

With my miss-carriage last year I wanted to wait until the first tri-mester was complete to tell people especially Ayla.

We had our 12 week appointment yesterday and I got to hear the best sound in the world, a strong heartbeat!  I have really felt a lot of peace that things are going to go smoothly this time but I have to admit on the way to the appointment yesterday I was nervous.  When I sat in the exam chair and she placed the doppler on my stomach I just put my head back and prayed.  She found it very quickly and let us listen for a few minutes.  I just took a huge deep breath and made eye contact with my Dr and she knew exactly what I was feeling.  My Dr. and I have been through quite a bit together and I feel fortunate to have her.

Our next appointment is June 13 and we find out the sex!! No I am not one of those people who can just wait to find out and plan a gender neutral nursery....no way!  I have to know so I can have everything the way it should be! And we are very excited!!

Ayla has CF and GI clinic @ Shands June 8 so that appointment will be here before I know it!  I think they should be pleasantly surprised with her.

So we are very excited and now I can finally blog about what I have wanted to for so long!  And you will get to hear all the juicy details of my nausea and vomiting that I have been doing quite a bunch of ( I have even lost weight at my last appt) -no I will spare you details but I have been sick!

So prayers please for this baby and our family.  We are longing for a healthy child and a "normal" pregnancy~


PS. Ayla was very excited and insists on naming the child Kyliegh, Haley, or Lilly (3 of her girlfriends) lol...

Monday, May 2, 2011

A short update....

So I have been out of the blogging world for a while.  Due to a few different things, but mostly being so busy I haven't had time to think.

This Saturday we finished out Great Strides Walk and it was an awesome success!! I was co-chairing the walk and we more than tripled our total from 2010 with $50,000 raised for all with CF!!

All of you CF parents and CF patients reading this I am so happy to be able to say that Destin, FL Great Strides will positively effect you or your child's lives!  Isn't is so cool how raising money for your child or yourself touches the lives of so many others??!!

I couldn't be more thrilled with the way the day went, it was such a celebration!!

Ayla Update: She is doing great! We go to clinic in June it has been a few months longer due to scheduling issues but she is doing amazing!  No sickness since FEB and eating wonderfully.  Can't wait to see what my big girl weighs!!

Thanks to everyone who helped with GS, I had an amazing team of people!!