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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great Strides 2011....A lot is happening!!

The schedule for fundraising over the next few months is really beginning to fill up!  Which is such a blessing.  It's amazing to me the willingness of people to get involved with our cause and go above and beyond what I would imagine.

In December I was worried about how I would get everyone excited about fundraising this year.  I was worried that I myself wouldn't be the motivator the my team needed.  But January came around and Ayla's Army is off with a running start!

These are the events we already have "on the books" for 2011:
Great Strides Kickoff Luncheon Bonefish Grill 2//8
Prize Drawing Ticket Sales
2nd Annual Rummage Sale for CF 2/26
1st Annual "Steak & Take" March
2nd Annual "Party with A Cause" Schooner's Restaurant 
2011 Ayla's Army TShirt Sales -ongoing

This year is going to be a great year for raising money, I am so excited about the leaps and bounds Scientists and Researchers have made in 2010....Let's hope 2011 brings many more....Great Strides is a way for us to do our part.  

I get really excited thinking about the possibility that we could be so close to changing C.F. to mean Cure Found!  

Thanks to everyone has donated a prize, reserved a T shirt, RSVP's to an event, donated money, joined my team, and supported us so far. 

I can't wait to see what our total is this year!! 

The Destin Walk is April 30th-Contact me to get involved!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

It's the Season for Fundraising and Weddings and Birthdays!!

So this time of year has become a time that I look forward to.. It's a new year with a new start, Great Strides is in April and we are in full-swing!  I am working with an awesome team to make this year's walk one to remember!  I am really excited about all my ideas for this year.  I am going to try and do the same thing's I did last year and some new!

  • Rummage Sale to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Last year we raised 1200$)
  • T Shirt Sales (going on now!)
  • 5 ways to raise $500 packets for my team members!
  • Prize Drawing Tickets (with some amazing prizes)
  • Jeans for Genes
Also in April my Best Friend is getting married and I am very involved in the planning process! I am having lots of fun and can't wait to see the finished product! I am loving being busy and certainly have lots to do.  Ayla is going to be the flower girl, so that's exciting! Any excuse to go dress shopping works for me!
Did I forget to mention Ayla is turning 4 in April too? YES I said 4, I can't believe how big she is!! She is doing great and is so entertaining.

Contact me for a shirt! They are really cute!! 20$


Saturday, January 8, 2011

CF & Liver Clinic Updates Jan 2010

We started the morning off with the Liver Clinic @ Shands.  Ayla's Dr. is so good with her, she is the best little patient ever!
This was the first appointment in years where I haven't complained about some sort of tummy issue, the Dr. pointed that out to me! I hadn't realized until he told me, what great news!!
Her labs from the previous visit were running along the same lines of "almost normal" and for someone with Billiary Attresia that's normal and good.
We then went on to talk about something that's always looming over me...Liver transplant.  Her Dr. said that you never know based on a child at this age if they will need a transplant in their lives.  You can't judge based on how well she's doing now.  He could say he was a 100% sure she would NOT need one in 5 years, and he could say with CERTAINTY that she would NOT need one in 10.
He then went on to say those patients with B.A. who don't ever need one, often have blood work and files similar to Ayla's.  He also told me that the older a person is the better for transplant ( i didn't know that). All we can do is pray!  He also didn't need to draw labs so this made Ayla super happy!

We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch...the most fattening place around for Ayla...to kill some time...

We then had CF clinic ....they were so happy about her weight.  She had put on about a pound and a quarter since mid October! And went from 50th percentile (where she's been for years) to 53rd!! They listened to her and she sounded great! She practiced her PFT's and did great with those.  Then came the dreaded Culture....wow.....with age this is just getting worse!! It took 2 nurses and my mom and I to hold Ayla down...I absolutely hated it!! I will be so glad when she can bring up phlegm (?) on her own!
She smashed her finger in the door and screamed bloody murder throughout the clinic.  We had Dr's running in to tend to her little finger...so cute...My child never forgets ANYTHING like her mother and told her Dr she wanted to go to the "treasure box" and the sweet Dr let her have 2 toys since she had such a traumatic day!

We drove home and Ayla slept...It was a stormy day....but the appointments were uneventful....and for us...that is BEST!!

Thanks for keeping Ayla in your prayers...she is really thriving!!