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Monday, May 24, 2010

Quarterly CF and GI Appointments among other things...

Tomorrow we are heading down to Gainesville for Ayla's appointments with her Dr's at UF. We will leave after ballet and lunch and hopefully she can catch a nap for at least half the way!
Our appointments are @ 8:40 & 10:30 EST. Update to follow.

Ayla has been doing pretty good. She seems to be all over her ear infections and feeling well.
Her "BM" issues still show themselves at times, her belly size has been really good though. Looking the smallest I've seen it. Not sure if she is just growing into it (like her Docs said she would) or if that is a result of something. But it is so nice to see her tummy looking more and more like other kids her age.

Baby#2: I am going on 14 weeks this wednesday. I am feeling good, a little less tired but not much energy still. I get spurts where I feel like conquering a whole bunch of items on my imaginary list and then they go away! We have an OB appointment on Thursday @ 10:30. We are excited. Last week we found out that we had been "had" by Midwest Insurance co. Paying for a very exspensive maternity rider for months and finding out from them that they will pay 25% up to $4000.00! Thats a $1,000 PEOPLE!!! Including the Dr & hospital's costs. So after a day of hyperventilating I got it together and cancelled the policy. Because paying our monthly premium from now until baby comes in November would provide more $ than they would pay. $800.00 more!! So from now on we are to pay 266$ at each OB appt (yay!) and hope and pray medicaid comes through. I have heard in FL if you are pregnant and not-covered that they have to approve you...not sure if this is true...but i am choosing to believe it!!

Another note: We are looking for a house! It's exciting to move but also a headache...since we just moved into our house in Aug of 09....I am going to view a home that we would love to rent on Thursday afternoon...it's out of town but in a wonderful neighborhood. I was worried that we would spend a lot more money on gas but then....I remembered that larry and I pretty much only hang out with each other.(haha)...and this place offers an array of entertainment options...my mom is also like 5 minutes from this place. So we will see..

ALSO- we are so excited to be going to see my sister in Knoxville on Saturday! We are going up to stay for about 5 days and during our stay she will have her Sonogram to determine the sex of her 3rd child!! We are all so excited!!

I think that's all the updates I have for today...I will update after Ayla's appointments, praying for weight gain and good labs!

<3 Krista

Monday, May 17, 2010

12 Week Baby Update

(technically..im 12 weeks and 5 days)

May 2nd I had my 10 week appointment with my OB. It was a fairly quick appointment. She was able to hear the baby with the "doppler" and the heartbeat sounded strong. I was expecting to have an Ultrasound because I've heard sometimes you can't hear the baby that early but we did!!
I have been feeling great compared to my first pregnancy, I was so very sick. I have not been sick once! So I can't really complain, but I have been very tired!!

At my next check-up I hope we will talk about scheduling my appointment to have the CF test done on this baby. I am nervous about this test but not as much as I thought I would be. When we decided to try to get pregnant this time, we really left it up to God. We are believing that this baby is going be healthy CF or not.

Please pray with us for this baby and the rest of our family.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ayla update!

Ayla & her BFF Lilly----->

Ayla has been doing really well. She had a bad ear infection a couple weeks ago which showed up by vomiting, that had never happened before. This sent the whole family into worry b/c anytime she vomits and doesn't have a BM immediately we all fear the worst. But it all turned out fine. Ayla's cousins were all in town for Great Strides and she enjoyed playing with them so much! Hopefully we can plan a trip to Knoxville to spend some QT with the Gifford's soon.
Ayla has been eating very well and actually trying some new things.....She actually ate 3 whole chicken nuggets yesterday. She never eats meat so I was thrilled!! She has had quite an appetite, which always makes mommy happy.
We have a check-up with CF clinic and GI this month in Gainesville. I called her nutritionist yesterday because she has been having some very yucky poops. Sometimes oily some not but always piles and never formed. I am hoping these new enzymes she's sending will help. You never know though, I am starting to keep another food & poop journal so I can relate her BM's to her foods. Maybe that will help us to better understand what's going on.
Ahh....the joy's of CF and poop...it's never ending but always tells us something about our child's digestion....understanding the language is a skill i'm still trying to hone.

Great Strides 2010

This year our team Ayla's Army participated in Great Strides, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's annual fundraising event. We as a team had been raising money for over 6 months in preparation for this day. I was so proud of my team for reaching their personal goals and we as a team surpassed our goal by a long shot! The money raised by event's like these goes directly to the research and development of new drugs and treatments for people with Cystic Fibrosis. The day looked to be a rain-out for sure, but the clouds cleared long enough for our event to finish. We had a job to do and we got it done. Thanks to all my family and friends who were part of this special day! People traveled from all over to be here and we were so grateful!