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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For 2010!

Wanted to do this again this year!! So Hard to Narrow it down to 10!!
(In no particular order)

1.) The health of my family
2.) A roof over my head and more "things" than I deserve
3.) Old friends and new
4.) Supportive people in my life
5.) A great church
6.) Wonderful physicians @ UF
7.) New family members
8.) The hardest working Husband ever
9.) The blessing that Ayla is to me
10.) Vertex trials for VX770 & 809

Thank You Lord for Everything You Have given me!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Yellow Balloon-A Poem For My Baby

I will free a yellow balloon for you....

This balloon shall be yellow not pink or blue....

I do this to memorialize the day you would have arrived.....

I do this to remember the way you would have touched our lives....

I will free a yellow balloon for me....

From your home in heaven this balloon you will see....

You will know each year when I release it into the air....

That I'm thinking of you and the times we could have shared....

I will free a yellow balloon for us and the fun we would have had....

Mommy misses you and it still makes me sad....

On this Thanksgiving's eve I remember the joy you brought to your family...

If even for a moment, it was worth it-to have you there with me....

Happy Would Be Birthday Baby Love Mommy.....
Ayla had to have a balloon of her own!
Mommy & Ayla
Our Balloon for Baby...
Off It went...to heaven..

This idea came from a comment on a Blog post I did right after my miscarriage.  I loved the idea then and now after actually doing it today- I loved it even more! 
It was actually something I could do-action...instead of just talking about it. 
It was a great way to start out the day!
And later today I get to meet my Nephew Cohen for the first time (ironic, huh?)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Join Us on Cystic Life!!

To join this site you don't have to have a child with CF or have CF yourself....you just have to know someone who has it.....So if you know Ayla-show your support and join this site....You can learn more about her condition and keep up with what's going on in the CF community...

Thanks in advance!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This month has a lot of things happening....Ayla started her new playtime group twice a week that she is really enjoying and mommy is to-it's nice to have a day that I can plan to do things on a regular basis.

It also brings the beginnings of FLU season, Ayla has gotten her FLU shot but she insists she go with me today to get mine.  She wants to see if it will hurt she says...

Ayla has a slight runny nose, its clear and not getting worse-so I'm hoping she will kick it on her own.  If not we will be off to the Dr.

My sister is coming down with her brand new baby Cohen and the rest of the family for Turkey Day.  That will be nice.  This baby has been different in the sense that I have always been present to welcome them into the world and this time I haven't even gotten to meet him yet!! He will be about a month old when I do.

My husband is enjoying hunting season, he has a camp with some family and friends in AL-and was able to buy a camper for our family.  It was nice of him to find a way to take the whole family with him when he goes.  We are going with him this weekend!

That's pretty much all that's happening with us.....haven't had much to post about lately...on the CFside.. which I am grateful for!!

I am trying to think about Christmas lists and decorating for that...This year is going to be so fun-Ayla's at such a great age to enjoy the holidays.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Holiday!! We have so much to be thankful for this year!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Fairy Wings!
Abby Cadabby!

We had a great time Halloween.  Our local community center had a "Fairy Tale" luncheon on Saturday. All the disney characters were there..Ayla really enjoyed getting her picture taken with everyone!

Ayla and Captain Hook!

Ayla and some of her Cousins

That evening we went over to family's house and had a chili cookout, firepit and a hayriding trick or treat for the kiddies.  It was such a great idea b/c it took us around to the neighborhoods and brought us back. We should definiteley do that every year!  Ayla really enjoyed herself and was so much fun to watch.  She wanted to ring every door bell at every house...she asked me probably 50 times if she could ring the next one...LOL-kids!
Riding her bike around the cul-de-sac

Ayla and Daddy

Trick or Treat!