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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Big Surprise!

At Ayla's birthday party my Aunt's and Cousin brought a $1000.00 donation to me that they raised at their school. It's so amazing that all those people cared enough to give to our cause and most of them don't even know me.
This donation pushed us over our goal and made Ayla's Army the top team in our area! Yay!! For our first year we have really kicked-butt!!
I am so proud of my team and my friends and family for being so willing to help, the people who have reached out and wanted to get involved has been such a blessing!
Thanks to all!
Great Strides in 8 days!!

Ayla Turns 3!

On April 10, we had a birthday party for Ayla. We had about 20 people here at our home, we rented a bouncy-house, had pizza and cake and had a blast celebrating!
Ayla and all the kids enjoyed playing outside, we were outside all day long! By the end of the day we were very tired.
Thanks to everyone who came to the party, Ayla is so blessed to have so many people who love her.
We are so thankful for another year of health for her and are counting on many more to come!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

6 weeks check-up and Ayla Update...

So I had my first OB appt today with Dr. E, she did the ultrasound and got to see the little peanut, saw a good strong heartbeat and got my due date............Nov 24th..........a day before thanksgiving!

I am exactly one month and one day behind my sister!!

She also looked back in my chart and I was already nauseous at this point with Ayla, so that gives me hope of not being sick this time!!

I asked her about having the CF test done and she said she would send me to have that around 16 weeks. I will have the amniocentesis done and most likely find out the sex at that time!!

On another note....Ayla's GI Dr's from Shands called today and checked on how she is...I told them how her belly has been a lot smaller, and her BM'S have been about 2-3 a day, and she is complaining a lot less about her belly-pain...and after hearing that he thought we could just come to our regularly scheduled check-up in May.

He said with her doing well and gaining weight he doesn't want her to have the radiation and neither do I.

So that's one less thing to have on my list for April...it is a busy month!

Thank-you for all the prayers we are believing that Ayla's tummy was healed and that Baby-A will be nothing short of a miracle as well...