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Monday, January 30, 2012

Autumn-Faith is 2 Months Old!

What I'm Up To:
I am loving sleeping on my tummy
I love to be held
I love my sister and always find a smile for her
I am cooing all the time these days See Video of Me

What I'm Wearing:
I am wearing size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes (mostly)
I love comfy clothes and lots of bows!

What People Say About Me:
That I look like my sister but there's something different about me
That I am so sweet

Other Stuff:
I love white noise machines
My legs are so chunky and cute
I've settled into somewhat of a routine now, I am much happier these days! I love to look around for about an hour after feeding but then am ready for a nice nap in my bed.  Nights are going better now-I go down after my 7 o clock (ish) feeding and mom gets me out of my bed for my 1030 feeding then I get to lay comfortably on my tummy all night in mom and dads bed.  I usually wake up once or twice to feed at night.

A Note From Mom:
Dear Autumn,
I am enjoying being your mom and watching you grow. It's so neat to watch you change each and every day.  My favorite time with you is early in the morning or in the wee hours of the night when you coo and smile at me.  I am feeling like I know you better and better each day and look forward to spending time with you and your sister.  We all love you so much and couldn't imagine our family without you! Can't wait to see what next month holds for you!!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Ayla Update

Ayla is doing great! She just started back to school for the 2nd half of the school year.  She has done so well with school, she far surpassed my hopes for her this year.  I am so glad we decided to put her into school this year.  It's amazing how much she has learned in such a short amount of time.  We are already thinking about next year, starting Kindergarten and where we will send her.  It's going to take some getting used to 5 days a week.
(Ayla with my cousin Hilari)
Health-wise Ayla is also doing great, we just had CF and GI clinic this week and got great reports at both.  She has grown so much she is in the 75% for weight which is awesome!  She finished a long stint of antibiotics and inhaled meds to make sure the Psuedo bug was gone.  We are waiting on culture results to see if she's still clear.  If she is Dr. S wants to do a bronch (first one ever, eek) to get a good culture and make sure her lungs are pristine.  So we are awaiting that news.
GI clinic at Shand's was great as well, they basically said Ayla is a walking miracle and could not be doing better.  Her liver enzymes were all normal and we don't go back for 6 months!
We just thank God everyday for our little miracle baby!  Ayla is such a blessing and energetic little girl, she makes each day so much fun.  Did I mention she was funny??!! She is hilarious and sings like a bird!
I can't believe she will be 5 in just a couple of months! Where does the time go??

Autumn-Faith Is 1 month old.. (kindoph)

Check Me Out! 
Mom was slacking and just posted my pic because I am actually 6 weeks old now!

What I'm Up To:
I've been holding my head up for a couple of weeks now
Loves to be held-Dont think about putting me down!

What People say about me:
That I look like my mommy but also my big sister
"Wow, look at all that hair!"
That I have a tan & long fingers!

Other Stuff:
Mom was thinking I may have a touch of Colic because I get really fussy sometimes but there's really no pattern to it-so she's not sure- I'm already tough to figure out!
I am eating about every 3 hours during the day and 3-4 at night.  I'm nursing totally and doing really well with that!
I'm not letting mom get much done or get much rest these days!
I'm wearing size one diapers and I have shapely legs and filling out "nicely"
I really love my big sister, ever time I see her face I just smile!

Note from Mom:
Dear Autumn,
I am so happy to have you in our family, you are so beautiful! I love your morning smiles and the little noises you make.  I love how happy you are to see your sister and how much you love being rocked by your daddy.  I am so glad your mine!
Love, Mom

Trying to Catch Up!! Christmas 2011~

Wow I haven't blogged since before Christmas!  I have missed so much on here lately it's hard to know where to start!
After getting the amazing news that our 5 week old Autumn was CF free I haven't done much updating!  That news is still sinking in....I remember at this age doing manual CPT in the NICU with Ayla and it's just amazing to know that I don't have to do any of that!
(Autumn with our Amazing Pediatrician)
We had a great Christmas the four of us.  I don't have any pictures of it! I know pretty bad-I charged all the camera's the night before and when I woke up none of them charged and I ended up using my cell phone (boo!)
I have a few pictures of the girls but none of us together! I still don't have a picture of our new family-I really need to get on that!
 (How Autumn spent Christmas!)
 (Ayla in her Christmas Dress)
 (Our girls! This was the best I could do ;0)
(Christmas Morning!)
How we managed to get Christmas done this year is beyond me!  The last few weeks of 2011 was a major blur for me! But a definite great end to the year!  We had so much to be thankful for and were blessed beyond belief!