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Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn is 10 Months Delayed post from 9/29

 10 months old
 sissy is my hero
 wont' keep anything on her head
What I'm Up To:
trying so hard to walk
so over bows and headbands
talking and being very busy
eating everything off the floor
learning so much each day
Still not a great sleeper...some nights are rough

What Im Wearing:
Size 3 diapers
still warm so all my cute summer stuff
no shoes, bows or anything cute b/c I don't like it

What People Say About Me:
My eyes are so big
That I'm so beautiful and sweet
That I look like my mom
That I look like my dad
That I am a little stinker

A Note From Mom:
Dear Autumn,
Each month goes by and I just can't believe it! I remember having you just like it was yesterday! We love you so much and love to laugh at the cute things you do and say.  You and your sister are the best of friends and I love that.  You are getting so smart and beautiful.  Im so blessed to be your mom.

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