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Friday, September 14, 2012

Autumn is 9 Months Old (delayed post)

Yes she is actually 9.5 now! We have moved and things have been crazy, I did get pics so I am going to post them now. I have been bad about posting lately and hoping to post more when things slow down a little.

What I'm Up To:
Crawling everywhere
Standing up and grabbing everything
Loves shoes, cords and everything else that makes mom cringe
Jabbering all the time, mostly Ma-Ma
I have started bottle feeding and am doing well with it
I eat "food" 3 times a day
I love my paci, I love to find lots of paci's and switch them out
Still love the do purse my lips and blow/spit
I have stood un-supported twice for a couple seconds
I will be walking soon

What I'm Wearing:
Still going barefoot while we can, summer here is so hot
Wearing 12-18 month sleepers and 12 month outfits
My hair is growing in a lot and mom loves to put bows and headbands on me (I don't like them much)

What People Say About me:
That I'm so serious
Big eyes

A Note From Mommy:
Dear Autumn,
We are loving watching you change and grow.  You love your daddy so much, he gets up with you most days (while mommy works out) and you really love that time with him.  You are so sweet and snuggly.  I can't believe you will be a year old soon! This has really gone too fast for me.
This month let's slow time down a little and just enjoy being together....I love you

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