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Monday, April 30, 2012

Autumn is 5 months old!!

What I'm Up To:
Still drooling a lot and trying to eat my hand..
No teeth yet though
I am rolling over (Big Stuff!)
I am scooting on my back
I am just about sitting up by myself
I can pull my diaper off now
I can put my paci in my mouth
I am still a partier and I don't sleep much
I love my feet and love to chew on them
I am making sounds that kindoph resemble words
I am flipping and smacking my tongue 
I spent 2 weeks in the hospital with my sissy- I comforted her and helped make her smile!

What I'm Wearing:
I am wearing size 3 diapers
Still in mostly 6 months but mom's buying 9 months because they are snug
Handmade designer booties when I wear shoes
Lots of bows and as always my cute ear-rings

What People Are Saying About Me:
They still say I look like my sister
That I have BIG Eyes and such a cute smile! I love to smile at everyone I see
That I am such a happy baby
That I have the cutest chunky legs
That I have dainty little features

A Note From Mom:
Dear Autumn,
Mommy loves you more as each day passes.  Your smile and your tiny little face make each day brighter! You are at such a fun age, it's so fun experiencing each new triumph with you!  You are starting to make sounds that sound like words and I can't wait to hear Ma-Ma! Can you believe I love you this much and you haven't let me sleep since you were born??!! haha- Your daddy and sister love to play with you and make you laugh and giggle. Daddy does his tickle-kisses with you just like sissy, it's so sweet! I love seeing him with you.   You are such a blessing and we will never forget that! Can't wait to see what next month holds! 
Love Mommy

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