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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day: What's It To You?

My Mom's Grandma & Mother pictured here with Ayla

Mother's Day for me is a great day! I get to celebrate all the wonderful ladies in my life, especially my own wonderful mother.  And I get to feel extra blessed to be "mom" to my girls!
But a recent opportunity to write about fertility and challenges that surround becoming a mom got me thinking-Mother's Day can be one of the hardest days for women.
You may have lost a child and are reminded each year of that loss.  Or you may be desperately trying to get pregnant and this day is a reminder of your many failed attempts.  You could have even lost your own mother and are reminded how much you miss her.
Mother's Day is a wonderful sentiment: "To honor your mother and make her feel extra-special today more than any other day."
But maybe look around you at the friend who's trying to conceive or the acquaintance who's mom passed away this year and show that person a little love too.
It is all about "mothers" but not necessarily just your own.

Just a thought......


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